What is Authentic Masculinity?

Authentic Masculinity, LLC, the company we founded, is a for-profit project with a non-profit arm. 

What is Authentic Masculinity, the concept?

First of all, there is such a thing as authentic masculinity.  It’s confident but humble, it’s ambitious but content, it’s driven but patient. Let’s say what authentic masculinity is not, then what it is. Authentic masculinity is not selfish, is not over-concerned with comfort, is not soft, is not easy on itself. It may be a little irrational. Authentic masculinity is tough, resilient, balanced and strong. But perhaps most important, a man who is authentically masculine is not a slave to his appetites. A man who is authentically masculine isn’t a slave to anything. Authentic masculinity is masculinity at its best. It’s virtuous, gentlemen, and virtue is powerful. Virtue is the key to success in all areas of life.

What is Authentic Masculinity, the company?

Authentic Masculinity the company is a for-profit/non-profit partnership (because men don’t value what they don’t pay for, but the men who need help the most may not be able to pay for it at first, and money must never be an obstacle to betterment) project started by Shannon McGurk and Jonathan Frappier on January 1st, 2015, to promote masculinity and help men better their lives and the lives of those they love and lead by leveraging their own masculinity.

Why did you found Authentic Masculinity?

We founded Authentic Masculinity to promote healthy masculinity, to advocate on behalf of men and to advocate for all that is good in men because masculinity is under assault in the modern world. We believe in the essential goodness of masculinity, but recognize that for masculinity to be its best, men must master themselves and their own lower natures first. In the U.S. and the developed countries the relationship between the sexes seems to be in disequilibrium. We’d like to contribute our voice to the many discussions taking place about men and masculinity in the U.S., the developed world and the developing world.

What is Authentic Masculinity’s vision?

A world in which each man experiences fully the joy of discovering and mastering his own masculinity to improve his health, wealth and networks.

What is Authentic Masculinity’s mission?

To assist all men in perfecting then leveraging their own masculinity to improve every aspect of their lives through their health, wealth and networks.

What is The Masculine Genius?

The Masculine Genius is that range of capabilities and qualities specific to each man — as an individual man– that reside deep within him but that also, in varying combinations, are common to all men to one degree or another. The Masculine Genius makes a man who he is, and, when deployed at its most effective through the application of The Seven Virtues, enables him to live a life of greater intensity, dignity, independence, courage, freedom and significance in all Four Privileges of a Balanced Masculine Life. To learn more about The Masculine Genius and how to harness it, sign up!

What are the Seven Virtues?

The Seven Virtues Authentic Masculinity uses in its approach to helping men unlock their Masculine Genius are known as The Seven Cardinal Virtues: Prudence, Justice, Temperance, Courage, Faith, Hope, and Charity.

What are The Four Privileges?

The Four Privileges are the four responsibilities all men are called to fulfill on their journey to become better men. They are the roles of Prince (Authority), Priest (Spirituality), Provider (Material Resources) and Protector (Defense of What is Sacred, Valuable, or Innocent).

What is a Balanced Masculine Life?

The three components of a Balanced Masculine Life are first, self-mastery, second, equal well-being in three areas critical to a man (Health, Wealth and Networks) and third, service to others. In an ideal scenario a man improves in all three components and areas simultaneously.

What are The Five Critical Questions?

The Five Critical Questions are “Who are you, as a man?”, “What are you, as a man?”, “Where are you on your journey as a man?, “When is it, now, in your own life?”, and “Why do you want to harness your Masculine Genius?” We ask these questions as they pertain to each man’s journey. Asking and answering these questions correctly unlocks each man’s vital How: “How am I going to accomplish what I seek to accomplish, become who and what I seek to become and serve all I seek to serve?” We say, “If your Why is strong enough, your How becomes easy.” AM asks The Five Critical Questions and others in a specific way through Translational Lift Coaching.© AM encourages men to adapt this questioning process to their own needs, goals and life.

Are there practical benefits to mastering The Masculine Genius?

Absolutely. Practicality is central to being a man, and there are many practical benefits to harnessing The Masculine Genius. Three of the most compelling practical benefits of harnessing The Masculine Genius are discovering the joy of being effective in your relationships, the joy of being valuable in the market place and the joy of discovering how to be truly productive. Each of these contributes to a man being able to pursue his own independence and freedom from anything that detracts from his own strength and dignity.

What resources does Authentic Masculinity provide?

AM provides free on-line audio, video and text content promoting healthy masculinity. AM also seeks to provide its community quality content from other sources we trust.  As we grow, AM will be providing expanded free networking resources and content, but ultimately a full range of fee-based products and services to supplement our free resources.

Does Authentic Masculinity claim to know what authentic masculinity is?

Yes, but so can every man. Authentic masculinity is virtuous masculinity. The man who is authentically masculine has dedicated himself to mastering The Seven Cardinal Virtues.  What’s exciting, though, is that a commitment to authentic masculinity is the beginning of a lifelong journey, no matter your age or station in life. So, there’s no such thing as perfect authenticity as a man, only better authenticity as a man.  Further, AM advocates that each man tap into what his own reason tells him is his own masculinity. We want to help as many men on that journey as we can. We do believe, though, that all men have more in common with each other than they realize. We do believe in focusing on what unites all men rather than what divides many of us from each other.

Does Authentic Masculinity teach that men are better than women?

No and that is antithetical to all we stand for. Authentic Masculinity teaches that men and women complement each other. In the ideal case men and women work harmoniously together, but that is a very difficult thing to do. Harmony between men and women requires self-knowledge, mutual awareness and respect, all of which will result for men if they are virtuous.

Does Authentic Masculinity exclude anyone?

The only men we prefer not to include are those men who are discourteous or disruptive of the community we are building. Courtesy is a byproduct of strength and self-mastery. If you are polite and share our values of self-mastery and self-improvement, we welcome you. You will remain welcome as long as you are courteous and respectful of the culture and community we seek to build.