Shannon McGurk

Shannon McGurk

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  What follows is a brief outline of the experiences I have had which I offer to you so you can more easily decide whether or not my experiences can benefit you.

The accomplishment for which I am most proud is that I am a happily married father of 12 children. This is miraculous in itself because I come from a chaotic background.  When I met my wife I wanted no children at all, and now I sit at the head of a table that seats 14. 8 sons and 4 daughters but our 3 oldest are on their own, now and don’t live at home.

The most formative years of my adult life were in the U.S. Army. For 20 years I was an Armored Cavalry Officer and China Foreign Area Officer and received the finest training in the world in a wide variety of skills.  I retired right at 20 years as a Lieutenant Colonel because I wanted to create and run businesses.  As a Cav Officer I served in the U.S. and Europe. As a China Foreign Area Officer I served throughout the U.S. Government, in The Pentagon and overseas in the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong and the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

In the private sector I have worked for Northrop Grumman, IBM, ManTech and other corporations.

Again, world class training.

In 2002 I started my first business. Being a business owner is scary, liberating and addictive. It shows you how free you can be. Making your own money using your own creativity and wits is life-changing. It’s something I hope every man gets to experience and I have been a serial entrepreneur ever since I did it for the first time.  I have started several companies, the most profitable of which was the one I crashed very spectacularly when I tried to drive it too fast. Its wipeout—and mine– coincided with a cancer diagnosis in our number 7 child when she was four and the subsequent diagnosis ofchild number 5 with Type I diabetes.

Both children are healthy and thriving now.

The combination of financial collapse, my family’s confrontation with childhood cancer and diabetes and my own confrontation with my worst qualities brought my marriage, fatherhood, my judgment and priorities into sharp focus. It forced me to bring every skill and talent I had to bear while learning new skills to re-build my life while strengthening my marriage and regaining the trust and confidence of my bride.  I had to heal wounds in my family, strengthen many relationships in my family and regain my own equilibrium as a husband and father.

Looking back, the hard times have been the most valuable and fruitful, by far.

I am proud to have graduated from Bishop O’Connell High School, the University of Mary Washington, the University of Virginia, the Joint Staff Officer School, Joint Military Attaché School, the Defense Language Institute (Mandarin Chinese) and IBM’s Global Sales School.

My wife, our children and I live on a farm in Virginia which feels like the first home I have ever had. A few months ago a good friend interviewed me and did ask some great questions. To read that Q&A Bio please click here.

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